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About Aledius

Aledius is a German privately-owned firm that specializes in mathematically macro-driven investments in public securities as well as in foreign exchange, digital currency and the commodity markets.

Aledius pursues an exclusively quantitative approach, which combines artificial intelligence and technical analysis with sentiment- and news analysis. The firm’s focus is on minimizing the risk by achieving a long-term alpha.

What we do

Aledius seeks to generate alpha by combining rigorous fundamental research and intermarket analysis with mathematical and statistical models to identify and execute on global investment opportunities.

Hereby Aledius analyzes historical and current price- and market information through statistical and quantitative modeling, as well as predictive analytics, to identify anomalous patterns in order to capture opportunities.

The realization of an opportunity into a specific trading activity must be preceded by a Tradeable Effect. A Tradeable Effect must have statistical significance, may not be randomly distributed or inconsistent, and has to be economically and / or macroeconomically explainable in a certain way.

The five main aspects to which our models can be assigned are mean reversion, trending markets, economic news / releases, seasonality and the classic behavioral psychology of market participants.

We focus on the equity, fixed income, commodities and (digital) currency markets globally, concentrating on the United States and European equity markets.


Our team employs its deep expertise to invest in the equity and equity-linked securities of companies across the globe. We seek to generate alpha by combining fundamental stock selection with proprietary analytical methodologies, grounded in rigorous risk management.

Aledius invests in companies in the Communications, Consumer, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Media and Entertainment, and Technology sectors.

Fixed Income & Macro

Our Fixed Income and Macro team seeks to generate alpha by investing in fixed income securities in global markets using macro and relative value strategies. As one of Aledius´ most sustainable strategies, our team’s investment process blends quantitative analysis, fundamental research, and experienced judgment.

Aledius Fixed Income and Macro team works collaboratively, integrating a disciplined investment process within a rigorous analytical framework. Leveraging its in-depth understanding of central banks and partnerships with leading macro research firms, our expertise spans macro views, monetary policy, and the intersection of public and proprietary data. Our trading and research team constantly originates, analyzes, and evaluates new opportunities, using qualitative and quantitative methods. Areas of focus include rates, currencies, sovereign bonds, and inflation.


Alexander Brehm

Prior to co-founding Aledius, Alexander worked five years in the investment banking fields of Mergers & Acquisitions („M&A“) and Real Estate Transaction Advisory, serving various European & US public, as well as private companies.

After working in London and Berlin, he returned to Frankfurt in 2015, where he has begun to follow quantitative capital market models.

Alexander is a passionate reader and company- and market researcher. At the weekend he likes to play Golf, having BBQs with family & friends and loves to play the right winger in the 3rd team of his home soccer club.

Alexander holds a degree in Finance & Economics from Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

Benedikt Sturm

Prior to co-founding Aledius, Benedikt worked for four years in a consulting office in the field of predictive maintenance and combinatorial optimization as a data analyst and software developer, serving numerous DAX & MDAX clients.

Benedikt is a passionate mathematician and loves new challenges in any way. In his free time he likes to do sports. He also likes having a run through nature with friends or to practicing various team sports.

Benedikt holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.



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